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nanoflann 1.3.0: Released Aug 28, 2018
* Instructions for `make install` for Linux and Windows (Closes #87).
* Fix all (?) MSVC conversion warnings (Closes: #95).
* Avoid need for _USE_MATH_DEFINES in MSVC (Closes: #96)
* Eigen::Matrix datasets: now uses std::cref() to store a reference to matrix.
* GSOC2017 contributions by Pranjal Kumar Rai:
* Support for dynamic datasets.
* Support for non-Euclidean spaces: SO(2), SO(3)
nanoflann 1.2.3: Released Dec 20, 2016
* Fixed: split plane now correctly chooses the dimensions with the largest span.
Should lead to more optimal trees.
nanoflann 1.2.2: Released Nov 10, 2016
* knnSearch() now also returns the number of valid points found.
nanoflann 1.2.1: Released Jun 1, 2016
* Fix potential compiler warnings if `IndexType` is signed.
* New unit tests comparing the results to those of brute force search.
nanoflann 1.2.0: Released May 5, 2016
* Fixed: many classes constructors get const ref arguments but stored const values.
nanoflann 1.1.9: Released Oct 2, 2015
* Added KDTreeSingleIndexAdaptor::radiusSearchCustomCallback() (Based on a suggestion by Yannick Morin-Rivest)
* Better documentation in class headers.
* Cleanup of unused code.
* Parameter KDTreeSingleIndexAdaptorParams::dim has been removed since it was redundant.
nanoflann 1.1.8: Released May 2, 2014
* Created hidden constructors in nanoflann class, to disallow unintentional copies which will corrupt
the internal pointers.
* Fixed crash if trying to build an index of an empty dataset.
nanoflann 1.1.7: Released Aug 24, 2013
* Two internal containers are now automatically defined as fixed-size arrays if the
problem dimension is known at compile time, improving efficiency.
The new/modified datatypes are: KDTreeSingleIndexAdaptor::BoundingBox, KDTreeSingleIndexAdaptor::distance_vector_t
* Fixed compilation with GCC 4.8 and C++11 enabled (Thanks to Simon Praetorius).
nanoflann 1.1.6: Released May 14, 2013
* Fixed warnings about unused parameters.
* Fixed L1_adaptor.accum_dist(), which implemented L2 instead (Closes #1)
* Fixed wrong typedef in KDTreeEigenMatrixAdaptor<> for IndexType!=size_t (Closes: #2)
nanoflann 1.1.5: Released Mar 25, 2013
* Fixed: Memory pool wasn't freed after each call to buildIndex()
* GCC: Added -isystem flag to gtest headers to avoid pedantic warnings.
nanoflann 1.1.4: Released Jan 11, 2013
* Fixed compilation with Visual Studio 11 (MSVC 2012).
* Fixed compilation of gtest with VS11 and its _VARIADIC_MAX "bug".
* Added a security check to launch an exception if searches are attempted before buildIndex().
* New example to demonstrate save/load the index to files.
* save/load methods exposed as public.
nanoflann 1.1.3: Released Jun 6, 2012
* GTest sources are now embedded, due to the changes in newer Ubuntu packages which don't carry the precompiled libs.
* Added asserts to detect whether the user passes NULL as query points.
* New method RadiusResultSet::worst_item()
* New method RadiusResultSet::set_radius_and_clear()
* Avoid potential collision of min/max macros with <windows.h>
* Removed unneeded #include's of std headers.
* New sample code for vectors of vectors.
* Fixed building of tests for MSVC in Windows.
* Allow manually setting the path to Eigen3 (mainly for building examples under Windows).
nanoflann 1.1.2: Released May 2, 2012
* Better documentation and added graphs of a benchmarking for helping choosing "leaf_max_size".
* Now KDTreeSingleIndexAdaptor::buildIndex() can be called several times
even when the dataset size changes (Thanks to Rob McDonald for reporting!)
nanoflann 1.1.1: Released Feb 1, 2012
* Some fixes to kd_tree index and L1/L2 metrics to allow distinct types
in data elements and in the distances. This is mainly to permit elements
being vectors of integers (e.g. uint8_t) but distances being real numbers.
* Examples and unit tests have been corrected to use template arguments
instead of being hard-wired to "float" data types (Thanks Thomas Vincent
for noticing!).
nanoflann 1.1.0: Released Dec 15, 2011
* Fixed warnings for MSVC and for GCC with "-Wall -pedantic"
* Updated performance tests to work with the final nanoflann code (they were
written for a very early version).
* All main classes now have new template arguments for the type of indice,
which now defaults to "size_t" instead of "int". In case this breaks
backward compatibility in user code, especify "int" to override the default
template arguments, although "size_t" it's recommended.
nanoflann 1.0.0: Released Aug 30, 2011
* Initial version