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Audio Visualizer

Teardrop is the spiritual successor to Raindrop:

Ever since I got into coding, I was fascinated by music visualization programs such as Cthugha, G-Force, and MilkDrop. This project is at best a small homage to those programs (and the many more that have come and gone since).

Working with MIDI files proved unreliable for several reasons, so Teardrop is a similar concept using the Web Audio API and a more traditional method of visualizing an audio signal. Teardrop implements time & frequency domain analyses, as well as beat detection, and uses WebGL to render 3D graphics inside of the browser.

Library Credits:

Ricardo Cabello (a.k.a. "Mr Doob") and many others - three.js (github)

Charlie Hoey - GPU particle system

gskinner - tween.js (github)

António Afonso - JS Media Tags (github)

Tutorial/Learning Credit:

Ian Reah - Real-time analysis of streaming audio data with Web Audio API

Felix Turner - Making Audio Reactive Visuals

MDN - Visualizations with Web Audio API

Airtight Interactive - Intro to Pixel Shaders in Three.js

Asset Credit:

I included STS9's Tap In at Stage AE in Pittsburgh because and are insanely awesome. Yinz all should donate.


MIT. Free for any reason ✌(-‿-)✌