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Commits on Apr 30, 2012
  1. Add support for formatSource

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
    The following lines should be added to .ensime file:
    ;; :formatting-prefs (symbol_map)
    :formatting-prefs (:alignParameters t
                      :alignSingleLineCaseStatements nil
                      :alignSingleLineCaseStatements_maxArrowIndent 20
                      :compactControlReadability t
                      :compactStringConcatenation t
                      :doubleIndentClassDeclaration t
                      :indentLocalDefs nil
                      :indentPackageBlocks nil
                      :indentSpaces 2
                      :indentWithTabs nil
                      :multilineScaladocCommentsStartOnFirstLine nil
                      :preserveDanglingCloseParenthesis t
                      :placeScaladocAsterisksBeneathSecondAsterisk nil
                      :preserveSpaceBeforeArguments nil
                      :rewriteArrowSymbols nil
                      :spaceBeforeColon nil
                      :spaceInsideBrackets nil
                      :spaceInsideParentheses nil
                      :spacesWithinPatternBinders t)
    Thanks to Richard Emberson for the initial patch!!
Commits on Apr 27, 2012
  1. Open the quickfix list even with no resulst, and avoid closing it

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
    This way, we can see that there is nothing without the need to open the
    quickfix list by hand.
    This is clearly a matter of choice, I guess that time will tell us what
    is the most confortable way.
  2. Avoid maintening the state of the quickfix list [#10]

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
    Unfortunately, BufWinLeave is not triggered on the quickfix list, which
    make it annoying to track if the window has been closed.
    Therefore, simply remove all tracking of the state of the quickfix list,
    and open each time is necessary.
    This also remove the burden of tracking the tab number in which has been
    Take the opportunity to fix properly the "non-styling" of the
    quickfix list by forcing line number and cursor line to be off.
  3. setQuickFixList() has been replaced by OutputQuickFix()

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
    Fix issue #11
  4. Look up .ensime config in parents directories

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
    As reported in issue #8.
    Thanks Richard!
  5. Save files before typechecking

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
  6. Ugly patch to make sbt .ensime generated config work

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
    TODO: find the reason behind this strangeness!
  7. Better handle of .ensime config errors

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
Commits on Apr 20, 2012
  1. Earlier check of .ensime config presence

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
  2. Proper handle of utf-8 strings list

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
  3. Fix end-of-completion detection due to automatic move of the cursor

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
    When triggering omni-completion after few letters have been entered, vim
    is moving the cursor back to the beginning of the partially entered word.
    (The details rely to the number returned by the first call to
    omni-completion(), which calculate the column where the word start)
    Vim is then moving back the cursor to that position when displaying the
    omni-completion menu. This were then detected as the end-of-completion.
    After this detection, vim receive ensime last messages which hide the
    omni-completion menu.
    This is easily fixed by setting the 'showCompletion' at appropriate
  4. Proper handle of half-word completion

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
  1. Improve how TypeChecking errors are displayed in QuickFixList

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
    Update how errors are displayed due to the use of async-beans.
  2. Remove limitation on completion results

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
    This was hidding a deeper problem related to the handle of utf-8
    encoded strings, which is now resolved in ensime-common.
  3. Handle utf-8 encoded strings when building vim dictionaries

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
  1. Help cleaning the preview window when displaying a type

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
  2. Fix completion bug when receiving an empty list

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
Commits on Apr 9, 2012
  1. Major rework of Envim based on vim-async-beans

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
    * Start vim-async-beans when executing :Envim
    * Add completion support
      (May be still a bit buggy in some cases, however, most of it is here)
    * Replace vim-addon-async porcelaine features by python made ones:
      - trigger events on matching patterns
        (such as starting EnsimeClient)
      - splitting window and "tailing" logs
    * Create object representations of ServerOutput, PreviewOutput and
    * Create an Envim singleton object to hold all python main methods.
    * Extract Envim specific tools from VimHelper and create
    * Automatically "copen" when looking for Uses Of Symbol At Point.
    This version is now quite good.
    However, I hope that hacks which must have been done in vim-async-beans
    won't have too much impacts.
    A clean solution for asynchronous communications is still missing.
Commits on Apr 5, 2012
  1. Change license from BSD to Apache 2.0

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
  2. Use builtin python logging module instead of Logger

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
    Logger was defined in ensime-common
Commits on Mar 25, 2012
  1. Here envim begin its life

    Jeanluc Chasseriau committed
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