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Bad Presentation Bingo using GWT and GAE
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Welcome to the repository for Bad Presentation Bingo.

Here you can find the code of the game published on

The Game

The idea behind the game was commented in sites like this and this. Have a look at them to know more about the game.

The Project

Bad Presentation Bingo was born as a personal case study to play with cloud services (and other web development frameworks). This project includes the code of the game developed for Google App Engine (GAE) and Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

This is my first try using GAE and GWT so there is a lot of room for improvement, as you can imagine. In fact, if you have already had a look at the web and the game, you have seen that it is still required a lot of effort to make it better.

How to contribute

The project has been licensed as a GPL project and anyone can contribute to make it evolve. Do not hesitate to have a look at the code and propose changes and improvements. Any help is more than welcome.

You can also make questions to identify issues or bugs to be implemented or fixed. Feel free to create new issues and tag yours with the question tag.

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