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Puppet Module - DS 389 Directory Services
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This is the 389_DS module.

To set up a server with the DS389 service you will need to add the following classes to you manifest

 class {'ds_389::install' : }                                                                                                                                                                        
 class {'ds_389::service' : }                                                                                                                                                                        

These Classes will install the packages and also set the service to start on boot.

To create a new directory site  you can use the following format

  ds_389::site { 'api' :
    suite_spot_group   => 'nobody',
    suite_spot_user_id => 'nobody',
    modify_ldif_file  => [
    add_ldif_file   => [
    schema_extension => [
    root_dn         => 'cn=Directory Manager',
    root_dn_pwd     => '1234qwer',
    server_port     => '4389',
    server_ssl_port => '4636',
    suffix          => 'dc=some_org',
    base_data       => 'true',

*** modify_ldif_file ***
This array is a list of template names (less the .erb extension) that are located in the templates folder in this module.
If there are no files to be imported into the database then this can be set to 'none'.

*** add_ldif_file ***
This array list contains ldif files that do not have any local customisations that need to be applied and are located in the template directory.

*** schema_extension ***
These are extension files that need to be copied into the ldap site directory. These files are located in the files/schema_extesion directory of this module.

*** base_data ***
base ldif files files that need to appied o a site. This can either be a single file or 'true' which will deploy all files listed in 'manifests/base_load_list.pp'
These files are located in the modules files/base_data directory

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