pub-config resolver for pub-generator and pub-server
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config resolver for pub-generator and pub-server

resolvedOpts = require('pub-resolve-opts')('.', path.join(__dirname, 'node_modules'));
  • param 1: directory (containing .md files or pub-config.js) or opts e.g. from cli
  • param 2: optional dir for builtins
  • output = fully resolved opts, merging packages opts with pub-config file
var OPTSKEYS = [ 'sources',           // paths to source files
                 'staticPaths',       // paths to static files
                 'outputs',           // output destination(s)
                 'browserScripts',    // for browserify
                 'generatorPlugins',  // e.g. to define handlebars helpers
                 'serverPlugins',     // e.g. to deploy server-side packages
                 'injectCss',         // CSS paths to inject
                 'injectJs',          // js paths to inject
                 'pkgs' ];            // npm packages with more of the above

normalized form for OPTSKEY values

  • OPTSKEY values from the input pub-config file or opts are normalized
  • normalized = array of (zero or more) objects with a path:value
  • relative paths and module names are resolved relative to the config directory
  • modules and relative paths inside packages are resolved relative to package directories
  • OPTSKEY values from each package are merged into top-level arrays
  • returns object with one set of fully resolved sources, staticPaths etc.