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pub-server, or pub for short is an HTML generator+editor entirely written in javascript.

The following use-cases are supported

  • Command-line tool for generating static websites
  • Web server for previewing generated HTML locally
  • Web server deployed on a PaaS like Heroku

For users with node.js, pub-server provides a simple command-line utility which can render an HTML website from markdown in any directory. The generated output uses npm-installable themes and is fully customizable.

The generator+editor can also run in-browser, allowing non-technical users to edit and instantly preview the generated HTML, without first installing pub-server themselves.

To see this in action, check out the docs at http://jldec.github.io/pub-doc/. The editor appears when you click on the edit button at the top right. Feel free to play around - in this instance, your changes will not be recorded.

Other examples include a presentation theme, a flexbox design, and a blog


pub-server is usable today by anyone comfortable using GitHub and command line tools, to publish high-quality HTML content with custom designs.

near-term backlog

  • Improved documentation (better doc published 2015-10-26)
  • Fix editor to work on mobile devices
  • Self-service GitHub Pages workflow with save and re-publish
  • Basic form processing api
  • Dropbox interface for images
  • Single-page website theme
  • More complete blog theme

medium-term backlog

  • Single-file pub format with integrated pub-config
  • Photo-centric consumer publishing workflow
  • Private publishing
  • Atom editor plugin for designers
  • Windows support
  • npm v3 support
  • HTTPS hosting

longer-term backlog

  • WYSIWYG editor based on Prosemirror
  • v2 architecture: React/Redux + Webpack
  • Modern designs for presentations with vector graphics and data-integration
  • Next-gen interactive designs, games, animations
  • Online editing of javascript, html, css/less


using pub-server requires node.js or io.js.

npm install -g pub-server

OSX and Linux are working, Windows support is coming - PRs welcome.


  • pub (with no options) serves *.md in the current directory or looks for a pub-config.js. The default theme is useful for previewing GitHub README.md files like this one. The server will watch for changes and update http://localhost:3001/ whenever markdown files or CSS or other static files are saved.

  • pub -O generates .html and other static files (including generator + editor) to ./out.

  • pub -S <dir> serves static files from any directory. It will mimic the behavior of GitHub Pages, looking for index.html files in folders, and redirecting from /folder-name to /folder-name/

  • pub -h shows the usage info below:

pub-server v1.9.21

usage: pub [opts] [dir]
  -h, --help               output usage information
  -p, --port <port>        server port [3001]
  -t, --theme <name>       theme module-name or dir, repeatable
  -o, --output-path <dir>  output dir [./out]
  -O, --output-only        output html, scripts, static files and exit
  -G, --html-only          output generated html files and exit
  -r, --root <prefix>      generate /prefix urls, "." means path relative
  -s, --static <dir>       static dir, repeatable, supports <dir>,<route>
  -S, --static-only <dir>  serve only static files from <dir>
  -C, --config             show config and exit
  -I, --ignore-config      ignore pub-config file
  -P, --pages              show pages and templates and exit
  -w, --watch-pkgs         also watch inside packages
  -W, --no-watch           disable watcher entirely
  -K, --no-sockets         no websockets
  -E, --no-editor          website only, no editor
  -m, --minify             minify scripts
  -d, --dbg                enable scriptmaps and client-side debug traces
  -D, --debug              node --debug (server and client-side)
  -B, --debug-brk          node --debug-brk (server and client-side)


Major dependencies include:

npm ls will list them all.