Default file system source for pub-server and pub-generator
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Default file system source for pub-server and pub-generator

  • provides get() and put() for bulk reads and writes
  • globs and descends directories
  • assumes that all files with non-binary extensions are utf-8 text


var src = require('pub-src-fs');

// instantiate source on path
// options become properties of source
var source = src( { path:'.', glob:'**/*.js', depth:2, writable:true } );

source.get(function(err, files) {
  if (err) return console.log(err);
  console.log(_.pluck(files, 'path'));


  • recurses directories starting with path
  • omits any directories starting with '.'
  • results will not include the path, just a /


  • glob is a node-glob pattern
  • in order to support recursive descent on other systems (like github) this implementation does not use the glob library to walk directories
  • instead it walks directories and then calls minimatch to test the files in those directories.
  • because path is used as the root for globbing, globstars in the middle of the pattern are unlikely


  • depth limits the depth of tree traversal when there is globstar
  • this is useful for avoiding symlink cycles and improving performance


  • required true for successful .put()


  • disables reading with .get()


  • if dirsFirst is true, entries within each directory will be returned with directories before files instead of the default (files first)


  • get() fetches all matching files in one async operation
  • the result is an array of file objects each with a path: and a text: property (for non-binary files), or a buffer: property (for binary files)
  • the array is sorted alphabetically by path
  • results do not include directories, but do include files in subdirectories
  • if the source is writable, get() is atomic with respect to put() or other source.get() operations
[ { path: '/fs-base.js',
    text: '...' },
  { path: '/pub-src-fs.js',
    text: '...' } ]

source.put(files, cb)

  • put() does nothing unless writable is set on the source
  • it writes an array of file objects back to the file system overwriting existing files
  • there is no partial file write but the array may contain a subset of the files read via get()
  • put() is atomic with respect to source.get() or other source.put() operations
  • put() tries to avoid file corruption by writing to a temp location and then renaming files
  • put() returns an array of the paths written
source.put(files, function(err, result) {
  if (err) return console.log(err);