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pub-server blog

This blog is generated from markdown using pub-server.

To edit the site locally, clone, then

npm install

To preview at http://localhost:3001/ while you edit the markdown (using any editor).

npm run develop

The browser preview will auto-reload whenever you save a file.

To generate a new set of html and copy static files into ./out.

npm run generate

To preview the generated static output at http://localhost:3001/

npm run static

To publish to gh-pages, use a separate repo with just a gh-pages branch in the ./out directory. To set this up the first time:

cd out
git init
git add -A
git commit -m 'first pub-server output'
git branch -m gh-pages

The last step above just renames the default "master" branch to "gh-pages".

Follow the normal process to create a new repo on Gitub and use the suggested commands for intializing that with an existing repo, except when you git push -u the first time, replace "master" with "gh-pages".

git remote add origin<id>/<repo>.git
git push -u origin gh-pages