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Functional style 'list' and 'dict' classes & decorators for pattern matching function dispatch.

For more information, visit


Dictionary class 'dic' with 'return self' functionality:

    >>> d=dic({"k2":"v2"})
    >>> dr=d.update({"k1":"v1"})
    >>> self.assertEqual(d, dr)

List class 'liste' with 'return self' functionality and integrated 'map', 'reduce' and 'filter' functions:

    >>> l=liste()
    >>> lr=l.extend([1,2,3])
    >>> self.assertEqual(len(l), 3)
    >>> self.assertEqual(l, lr)
    >>> f=lambda x:x+10
    >>> self.assertEqual(lm, [11, 12, 13])
    >>> self.assertEqual(l, [11, 12, 13])

Erlang style function dispatch:

>>> @pattern('male', str)
... def greet_male(p1, p2):
... 	return "Hello M. %s!" % p2

>>> @pattern('female', str)
... def greet_female(p1, p2):
...		return "Hello Mrs. %s!" % p2

>>> @patterned
... def greet(p1, p2):
...	pass

>>> print greet("male", "Dupont")
"Hello M. Dupont!"

>>> print greet("female", "Corriveau")
"Hello Mrs. Corriveau!"

Clean looking reducers:

@pattern(False, any)
def comp_reducer_FA(p1, p2):
    return False

@pattern(str, str)
def comp_reducer_SS(p1, p2):
    if p1==p2:
        return p1
    return False

def comp_reducer(p1, p2):
    Check if all strings are equal

def strings_comparator(l):
    Returns the common string if all elements of 'l' are equal
    else returns False 
    if len(l)<2:
        return False
    return reduce(comp_reducer, l)


Tests can be performed using nosetests in the root directory.


A source package is provided through the CheeseShop on .


0.1.2 : support for function names with multiple '_'

0.1.0 : initial release