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Rhythmbox plugin for syncing various fields with

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This project consists of a Rhythmbox plugin which consists in "music collection synchronization features" with


  1. Fill "rating" with "loved" field: when a track is locally unrated (i.e. not rating on Rhythmbox), the "loved" field of the track is checked from the user's profile on; if the track is "loved" then the track rating will be set to "5 stars".

  2. Download "play count": the count associated with a track is downloaded from and the local "playcount" field is updated if the count retrieved from is greater than 0.

  3. Interface to "lastfm-proxy-dbus" through DBus: provides "syncing" of 'playcount' of the user's tracks from the "Recent Tracks" journal on

  4. Interface to "musicbrainz-proxy-dbus": provides resolving [artist;track] with Musicbrainz for increased success rate in finding matching track in Rhythmbox.


Musicbrainz provides a Webservice API for resolving music tracks to unique identifiers. This service is flexible in mapping the said tracks in face of common errors. This facility increases the likelyhood of finding a match between a track in Rhythmbox's library against a track "scrobble" over to


There are 2 methods:

  1. Use the Ubuntu Debian repository jldupont with the package "rbsynclastfm"

  2. Use the "Download Source" function of this git repo and place the "rbsynclastfm" folder in ".gnome/rhythmbox/plugins

Note that option #2 isn't preferred as one might get an "unstable" snapshot.


Launch 'musicbrainz-proxy-dbus' and 'lastfm-proxy-dbus' applications before starting Rhythmbox.


Starting with v2.0, the plugin should be used with the listed dependencies (i.e. Musicbrainz-proxy-dbus, Lastfm-proxy-dbus) in order to fully leverage its capabilities.

  • v2.02: corrected debian package to include all files
  • v2.03: fixed corner case in CacheTrackAgent


The plugin for Rhythmbox must be installed and configured (though not necessarily active). This requirement ensures that the "username" parameter for the current user's profile can be found.

  • (optional) Musicbrainz-proxy-bus : for increased [artist;track] resolving capabilities against the RB library.
  • (optional) Lasfm-proxy-dbus : for pulling the user's recent tracks journal (API "user.recenttracks") from
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