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Swivel is a proof of concept for a data visualization tool that enables viewing tiles of data and grouping them into "buckets".

The goal is to write an HTML5 tool for splunking through chunks of data.

Visit a working example.

Getting Started

thin --debug --rackup start

Running Tests

rake jasmine


Swivel relies on a simple Sinatra back end, jasmine unit tests, backboneJS, underscoreJS, D3, jQuery UI (for the range control), jQuery, and bootstrap CSS.

running it requires creating a config.yml file with the following:


(where XXXX... is your API Key for the Guardian newspaper)



Much needs to be done:

  • zoom support
  • ability to sort (we have tests for this, but the toolbar and views are not implemented)
  • better inspector for the Guardian sample
  • ability to drill down or drill up on date buckets (e.g. go from day to month to year bucketing)
  • investigate looking at using a canvas-based implementation (with a framework like KineticJS) for performance improvements on larger data sets.
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