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simple IRC library for node.js 0.4

Currently implements a rather limited IRC client API. You could make a bot with
it. I will add to it as I need more, and possibly package it properly if/when
it reaches some level of refinement.


// first, import the module
var irc = require('irc');
// or, to get just the Client
var Client = require('irc').Client;

The Client:
// create a new client
var c = new Client('', 'clientnick');
// connects to the given server with the given nick

// client with options (defaults shown)
var c = new Client(
        'port': 6667,
        'user': 'guest',
        'real': 'Guest',
        'password': 'password',
        'join': [],
        'nickTimeout': undefined,
        'debug': false
// 'join' should be an array of channel names to join automatically after connecting
// 'nickTimeout', if given, is the time (in minutes) to wait before automatically re-requesting a nick when it is unavailable
  // if not given, the Client will not attempt to change the nick back to the desired nick
// 'debug', if true, will cause information about incoming messages to be logged to the console

// Events (Client inherits from node's events.EventEmitter):
c.on('ready', function () {});
// fires when client is ready (connected and authenticated; autojoin channels will have been joined also, if given)
c.on('join', function (nick, channel) {});
// fires when a channel is joined, passing the nickname and channel
// includes channel joins by the client itself; you can check (nick === c.nick) to filter
c.on('message', function (message, from, to) {});
// fires when a message is received, passing the message, who sent it, and the nick or channel that it was sent to

// Methods:
c.joinChannel(channel, function () {});
// join the channel, then call the function (if given)
c.sendMessage(to, message);
// send a message; 'to' can be a channel or nick (for a pm)
// set the Client's nick
// send a raw IRC message to the server
// Ex: c.sendRawLine('MODE ##channel +o somenick');

Other Functions:

// parse a raw IRC message
> irc.parseMessage(':nick!user@host PRIVMSG ##channel :This is a message.');
[ 'nick!user@host', 'PRIVMSG', [ '##channel', 'This is a message.' ] ]
// returns an array of [prefix, command, params]
// if there is no prefix, it will be undefined
// params is an array of the parameters
// the final (message) parameter will be the last item of the array

// parse a message prefix
> irc.parsePrefix('nick!user@host');
[ 'nick', 'user', 'host' ]
// returns an array of [nick, user, host]