A Rhythmbox plugin to automatically announce playing tracks to a channel and allow channel users to control playback.
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This Rhythmbox plugin will automatically announce artist, title, and album to
a channel when a track is played. It will also allow any user in the channel
to type 'next' to go to the next song in the current playlist.

This was created for an office where three of us listen to the same music,
which is played by one member of the team. We wanted everyone to be able to
see what song was currently playing, and to be able to skip songs we don't
like. We created a channel specifically to use with this plugin; everyone
joins, one person plays the music, and it works.

I am putting up here because we did not find any other plugins to accomplish
this, and it seems others might benefit. Also for us to collaborate, and
perhaps others can fork it to be improved for everyone.

    Copy the xchat_music_channel directory to your plugins directory (possibly
    ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins). Set the server/channel in the configuration.