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Improve the logging system

This creates a `get_logger` function which sets up a standard,
better-looking logging format without fuss.
To log from an entity, we now do self.log() (or self.logger.debug()).
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jleclanche committed Aug 30, 2015
1 parent 05f990f commit 0c62393a1cd613bede40ef93decf9eabf100af4d
@@ -1,8 +1,11 @@
import logging
from enum import IntEnum
from .dsl import LazyNum, Picker, Selector
from .enums import CardType, Mulligan, PowSubType, Zone
from .entity import Entity
from .utils import get_logger

logger = get_logger("fireplace.Action")

def _eval_card(source, card):
@@ -76,7 +79,7 @@ def _broadcast(self, entity, source, at, *args):
if != at:
if isinstance(event.trigger, self.__class__) and event.trigger.matches(entity, args):"%r triggers off %r from %r", entity, self, source)"%r triggers off %r from %r", entity, self, source)
entity.trigger_event(source, event, args)

def broadcast(self, source, at, *args):
@@ -129,7 +132,7 @@ def do(self, source, attacker, defender):
defender.defending = True = attacker = defender"%r attacks %r", attacker, defender)"%r attacks %r", attacker, defender)
self.broadcast(source, EventListener.ON, attacker, defender)

@@ -165,7 +168,7 @@ class Args(Action.Args):

def do(self, source, target):"Processing Death for %r", target)"Processing Death for %r", target)
self.broadcast(source, EventListener.ON, target)
if target.deathrattles:, [Deathrattle(target)])
@@ -238,7 +241,7 @@ def do(self, source, player, card, target=None, choose=None):
if choose is not None:
# Choose One cards replace the action on the played card
chosen = player.card(choose)"Choose One from %r: %r", card, chosen)"Choose One from %r: %r", card, chosen)
if chosen.has_target(): = target
card.chosen = chosen
@@ -332,7 +335,7 @@ def trigger(self, source):
targets = self.get_targets(source, args[0])
args = args[1:], source, targets, *args)"%r triggering %r targeting %r", source, self, targets)"%r triggering %r targeting %r", source, self, targets)
for target in targets:
target_args = self.get_target_args(source, target)
ret.append(, target, *target_args))
@@ -396,7 +399,7 @@ def do(self, source, target):, actions)

if target.controller.extra_deathrattles:"Triggering deathrattles for %r again", target)"Triggering deathrattles for %r again", target), actions)

@@ -499,11 +502,11 @@ class Args(Action.Args):

def do(self, source, target, cards):
logging.debug("Giving %r to %s", cards, target)"Giving %r to %s", cards, target)
ret = []
for card in cards:
if len(target.hand) >= target.max_hand_size:"Give(%r) fails because %r's hand is full", card, target)"Give(%r) fails because %r's hand is full", card, target)
card.controller = target = Zone.HAND
@@ -544,7 +547,7 @@ def do(self, source, target, amount):
amount = min(amount, target.damage)
if amount:
# Undamaged targets do not receive heals"%r heals %r for %i", source, target, amount)"%r heals %r for %i", source, target, amount)
target.damage -= amount
self.broadcast(source, EventListener.ON, target, amount)

@@ -589,7 +592,7 @@ def get_target_args(self, source, target):
return (card, )

def do(self, source, target, card):"Morphing %r into %r", target, card)"Morphing %r into %r", target, card)
target.clear_buffs() = Zone.SETASIDE = Zone.PLAY
@@ -621,7 +624,7 @@ class Reveal(TargetedAction):
Reveal secret targets.
def do(self, source, target):"Revealing secret %r", target)"Revealing secret %r", target)
self.broadcast(source, EventListener.ON, target) = Zone.GRAVEYARD

@@ -635,7 +638,7 @@ class Args(Action.Args):

def do(self, source, target, amount):"Setting current health on %r to %i", target, amount)"Setting current health on %r to %i", target, amount)
maxhp = target.max_health
target.damage = max(0, maxhp - amount)

@@ -678,7 +681,7 @@ def _broadcast(self, entity, source, at, *args):
return super()._broadcast(entity, source, at, *args)

def do(self, source, target, cards):"%s summons %r", target, cards)"%s summons %r", target, cards)
if not isinstance(cards, list):
cards = [cards]

@@ -704,7 +707,7 @@ class Args(Action.Args):

def do(self, source, target, cards):"%r shuffles into %s's deck", cards, target)"%r shuffles into %s's deck", cards, target)
if not isinstance(cards, list):
cards = [cards]

@@ -744,7 +747,7 @@ class Steal(TargetedAction):
The controller is the controller of the source of the action.
def do(self, source, target):"%s takes control of %r", self, target)"%s takes control of %r", self, target)
zone = = Zone.SETASIDE
target.controller = source.controller
@@ -756,6 +759,6 @@ class UnlockOverload(TargetedAction):
Unlock the target player's overload, both current and owed.
def do(self, source, target):"%s overload gets cleared", target)"%s overload gets cleared", target)
target.overloaded = 0
target.overload_locked = 0
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
import logging
from .utils import CardList
from .utils import CardList, get_logger

logger = get_logger("fireplace.Aura")

class Aura:
@@ -30,7 +32,7 @@ def targets(self):
return CardList(self.selector.eval(, self.source))

def summon(self):"Summoning Aura %r", self)"Summoning Aura %r", self)
@@ -65,7 +67,7 @@ def update(self):

def destroy(self):"Removing %r affecting %r", self, self._buffed)"Removing %r affecting %r", self, self._buffed)
for buff in self._buffs[:]:
@@ -1,4 +1,3 @@
import logging
from itertools import chain
from . import cards as CardDB, rules
from .actions import Damage, Deaths, Destroy, Heal, Morph, Play, Shuffle, SetCurrentHealth
@@ -79,7 +78,7 @@ def zone(self, value):
def _set_zone(self, value):
old =
assert old != value
logging.debug("%r moves from %r to %r" % (self, old, value))
self.logger.debug("%r moves from %r to %r" % (self, old, value))
caches = {
Zone.HAND: self.controller.hand,
Zone.DECK: self.controller.deck,
@@ -183,24 +182,24 @@ def _set_zone(self, zone):

def action(self):
if self.cant_play:"%r play action cannot continue", self)
self.log("%r play action cannot continue", self)

kwargs = {}
kwargs["target"] =
elif self.has_target():"%r has no target, action exits early" % (self))
self.log("%r has no target, action exits early", self)

if self.has_combo and self.controller.combo:"Activating %r combo targeting %r" % (self,
self.log("Activating %r combo targeting %r", self,
actions =
elif hasattr(, "play"):"Activating %r action targeting %r" % (self,
self.log("Activating %r action targeting %r", self,
actions =
elif self.choose:"Activating %r Choose One: %r", self, self.chosen)
self.log("Activating %r Choose One: %r", self, self.chosen)
actions =
actions = []
@@ -215,12 +214,12 @@ def action(self):

if self.overload:"%r overloads %s for %i", self, self.controller, self.overload)
self.log("%r overloads %s for %i", self, self.controller, self.overload)
self.controller.overloaded += self.overload

def clear_buffs(self):
if self.buffs:"Clearing buffs from %r" % (self))
self.log("Clearing buffs from %r", self)
for buff in self.buffs[:]:

@@ -234,21 +233,21 @@ def _destroy(self):
be moved to the GRAVEYARD on the next Death event.
if == Zone.PLAY:"Marking %r for imminent death", self)
self.log("Marking %r for imminent death", self)
self.to_be_destroyed = True
else: = Zone.GRAVEYARD

def discard(self):"Discarding %r" % (self))
self.log("Discarding %r" % (self)) = Zone.DISCARD

def draw(self):
if len(self.controller.hand) >= self.controller.max_hand_size:"%s overdraws and loses %r!", self.controller, self)
self.log("%s overdraws and loses %r!", self.controller, self)
else:"%s draws %r", self.controller, self)
self.log("%s draws %r", self.controller, self) = Zone.HAND
self.controller.cards_drawn_this_turn += 1

@@ -430,15 +429,9 @@ def damage(self):
def damage(self, amount):
amount = max(0, amount)
dmg = self.damage
if amount < dmg:"%r healed for %i health" % (self, dmg - amount))
elif amount == dmg:"%r receives a no-op health change" % (self))
else:"%r damaged for %i health" % (self, amount - dmg))

if self.min_health:"%r has HEALTH_MINIMUM of %i", self, self.min_health)
self.log("%r has HEALTH_MINIMUM of %i", self, self.min_health)
amount = min(amount, self.max_health - self.min_health)

self._damage = amount
@@ -449,7 +442,7 @@ def health(self):

def _hit(self, source, amount):
if self.immune:"%r is immune to %i damage from %r", self, amount, source)
self.log("%r is immune to %i damage from %r", self, amount, source)
return 0
self.damage += amount
return amount
@@ -576,17 +569,17 @@ def _set_zone(self, value):

if == Zone.PLAY:"%r is removed from the field" % (self))
self.log("%r is removed from the field", self)
if self.damage:
self.damage = 0


def bounce(self):"%r is bounced back to %s's hand" % (self, self.controller))
self.log("%r is bounced back to %s's hand", self, self.controller)
if len(self.controller.hand) == self.controller.max_hand_size:"%s's hand is full and bounce fails" % (self.controller))
self.log("%s's hand is full and bounce fails", self.controller)
else: = Zone.HAND
@@ -599,7 +592,7 @@ def hit(self, target, amount):
def _hit(self, source, amount):
if self.divine_shield:
self.divine_shield = False"%r's divine shield prevents %i damage.", self, amount)
self.log("%r's divine shield prevents %i damage.", self, amount)

return super()._hit(source, amount)
@@ -614,7 +607,7 @@ def is_playable(self):
return playable

def silence(self):"%r has been silenced" % (self))
self.log("Silencing %r", self)
for aura in self.auras:
aura.to_be_destroyed = True
@@ -692,20 +685,20 @@ def _set_zone(self, zone):

def apply(self, target):"Applying %r to %r" % (self, target))
self.log("Applying %r to %r", self, target)
self.owner = target
if self.attack_health_swap:
self._swapped_atk =
self._swapped_health = target.atk
if hasattr(, "apply"):, target)
if hasattr(, "max_health") or self.attack_health_swap:"%r removes all damage from %r", self, target)
self.log("%r removes all damage from %r", self, target)
target.damage = 0 = Zone.PLAY

def destroy(self):"Destroying buff %r from %r" % (self, self.owner))
self.log("Destroying buff %r from %r", self, self.owner)
if hasattr(, "destroy"): = Zone.REMOVEDFROMGAME
@@ -810,7 +803,7 @@ def play(self, target=None):

def use(self, target=None):
assert self.is_usable()"%s uses hero power %r on %r", self.controller, self, target)
self.log("%s uses hero power %r on %r", self.controller, self, target)

if self.has_target():
assert target
@@ -1,5 +1,8 @@
import copy
import logging
from ..utils import get_logger

logger = get_logger("fireplace.DSL")

class Evaluator:
@@ -81,5 +84,5 @@ def evaluate(self, source):
t1 = self.selector1.eval(, source)
t2 = self.selector2.eval(, source)
diff = sum(t.cost for t in t1) - sum(t.cost for t in t2)"Jousting %r vs %r -> %i difference", t1, t2, diff)"Jousting %r vs %r -> %i difference", t1, t2, diff)
return diff > 0

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