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Implement ExactCopy picker

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jleclanche committed Jul 27, 2015
1 parent 7dba494 commit fe9834c6f09e27d0ed0d2f63d07ca78e6fb94fcd
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@@ -51,3 +51,21 @@ def pick(self, source) -> [str]:
entities = self.selector.eval(, source)
return [self.copy(source, e) for e in entities]
class ExactCopy(Copy):
Lazily create an exact copy of the target.
An exact copy will include buffs and all tags.
def copy(self, source, entity):
ret = super().copy(source, entity)
for k in entity.silenceable_attributes:
v = getattr(entity, k)
setattr(ret, k, v)
ret.silenced = entity.silenced
ret.damage = entity.damage
for buff in entity.buffs:
# Recreate the buff stack
return ret

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