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This is the source code for the test website of the Active 20-30 Club of Portland #122, built in PHP and CodeIgniter on the backend and JS/jQuery on the frontend, using MySQL for the database. Major site updates are uploaded to the live site on an ad hoc basis.

Included Directories

  • /_ci -- The global system directory
    • Contains shared CI system files used by both test and prod sites (excluded)
      • Each CI version is stored in a separate directory (e.g., /_ci/2.1.4 for CI v2.1.4 files) -- allows me to upgrade CI versions independently on test and prod; current CI version is 2.2.6.
    • Contains global.php, which sets sitewide constants and forces a timezone in case the server's TZ isn't set properly
    • Contains keys.php (excluded), which stores public/private API keys for third-party libraries as constants
  • /test -- The test website, excluding any unaltered CI app files

Excluded Directories

  • /_uploads -- Used for storing images uploaded through the site's admin section, shared between test and prod
  • /www -- The production website


  • Events calendar, integrated with GMaps and "add to calendar" functionality
  • Contact form
  • Members area
    • Behind login
    • CRUD operations for events
    • Reset password from login screen
    • Admin logging
    • Permissions system -- access to features limited per user

Short Term To-Do

  • Make "add to calendar" always add all events to calendar -- useful for tracking updates
  • Add newsletter download to homepage
  • Add documents section
  • Update officer information for 2016-17 term
  • Complete basic blog ("Flockblog" or perhaps "Flog"?) functionality
    • Add and edit blog entries with WYSIWYG editor
    • Category selection/addition
    • Cover image upload
    • Permalinks
  • Add Flockblog to website
  • Revamp history page
    • Add club history section -- work on writing history with someone?
    • Make wording more informal and celebratory
    • Add awards, more pins, T-shirt designs from past years

Long Term To-Do

  • Upgrade to CI v3.x
  • Create page factory (library) to standardize members area view logic
  • Redesign homepage to add image rotator, cinegraphs, more modern look
    • Integrate Bootstrap sitewide
    • Make mobile responsive simultaneously
  • Members area updates
    • CRUD operations for member accounts, including resetting password and changing access/roles
    • Facebook events connectivity
    • Instagram integration
      • Images from past events
    • Document management
    • Read/respond to inquiries
    • Image rotator management
    • Sponsor management
    • Flockblog enhancements
      • Draft/revision tracking
      • Tags
      • Media upload
      • Link to event

Third Party Libraries/Plugins


Source code for the website of the Active 20-30 Club of Portland #122.






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