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;;; el-get-recipes.el --- Manage the external elisp bits and pieces you depend upon
;; Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Dimitri Fontaine
;; Author: Dimitri Fontaine <>
;; URL:
;; GIT:
;; Licence: WTFPL, grab your copy here:
;; This file is NOT part of GNU Emacs.
;; Install
;; Please see the README.asciidoc file from the same distribution

;;; Commentary:
;; el-get-recipes provides the API to manage the el-get recipes.

;; el-get-core provides basic el-get API, intended for developpers of el-get
;; and its methods. See the methods directory for implementation of them.

(require 'el-get-core)

;;; "Fuzzy" data structure customization widgets
(defun el-get-repeat-value-to-internal (widget element-or-list)
  (el-get-as-list element-or-list))

(defun el-get-repeat-match (widget value)
  (widget-editable-list-match widget (el-get-repeat-value-to-internal widget value)))

(define-widget 'el-get-repeat 'repeat
  "A variable length list of non-lists that can also be represented as a single element"
  :value-to-internal 'el-get-repeat-value-to-internal
  :match 'el-get-repeat-match)

(defun el-get-symbol-match (widget value)
  (or (symbolp value) (stringp value)))

(define-widget 'el-get-symbol 'symbol
  "A string or a symbol, rendered as a symbol"
  :match 'el-get-symbol-match
;;; END "Fuzzy" data structure support

(defconst el-get-build-recipe-body
  '(choice :tag "Format"

           (repeat :tag "List of shell commands"
                    (string :doc "Note: arguments will not be shell-quoted.
Choose `Evaluated expression' format for a more portable recipe" :format "%v%h"))
           (sexp :tag "Evaluated expression" :format "%t: %v%h"
                 :value `(("./configure" ,(concat "--with-emacs=" el-get-emacs)) ("make") ("make" ("install")))

                 :doc "Evaluation should yield a list of lists.
Each sub-list, representing a single shell command, is expected to have
strings and/or lists as elements, sub-sub-lists can have string and/or
list elements, and so on. Each sub-list will be \"flattened\" to produce
a list of strings, each of which will be `shell-quote-argument'ed before
being sent to the underlying shell."

(defcustom el-get-sources nil
  "Additional package recipes

Each entry is a PLIST where the following properties are

If your property list is missing the :type property, then it's
merged with the recipe one, so that you can override any
definition provided by `el-get' recipes locally.


The name of the package. It can be different from the name of
the directory where the package is stored (after a `git
clone' for example), in which case a symlink will be created.


A single package name, or a list of package names, on which
the package depends. All of a packages dependencies will be
installed before the package is installed.


Emacs major version (see `emacs-major-version' variable) from
which Emacs includes the recipe as a builtin. For example,
`package.el' (the implementation of ELPA) is part fo Emacs24
but needs an external recipe for previous major versions.


The name of the package for the underlying package management
system (`apt-get', `fink' or `pacman', also supported by
`github' and `emacsmirror'), which can be different from the
Emacs package name.


The type of the package, currently el-get offers support for
`apt-get', `elpa', `git', `github', `emacsmirror', `git-svn',
`bzr' `svn', `cvs', `darcs', `fink', `ftp', `emacswiki',
`http-tar', `pacman', `hg' and `http'. You can easily support
your own types here, see the variable `el-get-methods'.


Which branch to fetch when using `git' (and by extension,
`github' and `emacsmirror', which are derived form `git').
Also supported in the installer in `el-get-install'.


Where to fetch the package, only meaningful for `git' and
`http' types.

:username, :pkgname

For the `github' type, these specify the user name and repo
name to clone from Github. For example, for el-get, the user
name would be \"dimitri\", and the repo name would be
\"el-get\". As described above, the `:pkgname' property is
only required if the repo name on Github differs from the
Emacs package name. Note that the `emacsmirror' type is just
like the `github' type with `:username' set to


Your build recipe, a list.

A build command C whose `car' is a symbol (see `symbolp') will be
replaced by (eval C).

Then, each element of the recipe will be interpreted as
a command:

* If the element is a list of string, the first element of
the list must be the program to call, and each following
element a different argument to the call. No whitespace
parsing is done.

* Otherwise, if it is a list, any list sub-elements will be
recursively \"flattened\" (see `el-get-flatten'). The
resulting strings will be interpreted as individual shell
arguments, appropriately quoted.


Your specific build recipe for a given `system-type' gets
there and looks like :build.


A directory or a list of directories you want `el-get' to add
to your `load-path'. Those directories are relative to where
the package gets installed.


Allow to restrict what to byte-compile: by default, `el-get'
will compile all elisp files in the :load-path directories,
unless a :build command exists for the package source. Given
a :compile property, `el-get' will only byte-compile those
given files, directories or filename-regexpes in the property
value. This property can be a `listp' or a `stringp' if you
want to compile only one of those.


This string allows you to setup a directory where to find a
'' file, or a path/to/ file. It will
even run `ginstall-info' for you to create the `dir' entry so
that C-h i will be able to list the newly installed
documentation. Note that you might need to kill (C-x k) your
info buffer then C-h i again to be able to see the new menu


List of files to load, or a single file to load after having
installed the source but before `require'ing its features.


List of features el-get will `require' for you.


Control whether el-get should generate autoloads for this
package. Setting this to nil prevents el-get from generating
autoloads for the package. Default is t. Setting this to a
string or a list of string will load the named autoload


When using :after but not using :features, :library allows to
set the library against which to register the :after function
against `eval-after-load'. It defaults to either :pkgname
or :package, in this order. See also `el-get-eval-after-load'.


Currently used by http-tar and cvs support.

When using http-tar, it allows you to give the tar options
you want to use. Typically would be \"xzf\", but you might
want to choose \"xjf\" for handling files e.g.

When using CVS, when it's set to \"login\", `el-get' will
first issue a `cvs login' against the server, asking you
interactively (in the minibuffer) any password you might to
enter, and only then it will run the `cvs checkout' command.


Currently only used by the `cvs' support, allow you to
configure the module you want to checkout in the given URL.


Only used by the `elpa' support, a cons cell with the
form (NAME . URL), as in `package-archives'. If the package
source only specifies a URL, the URL will be used for NAME as


This should be a lisp form to evaluate after both the
`Info-directory-list' and the `load-path' variables have been
taken care of, but before loading the package or any further
action from `el-get-init'. It will be run with
`default-directory' set to the package directory.


This exactly like `:prepare' property, but is reserved for
user customizations in `el-get-sources'. Recipe files should
not use this property. It will be run just after `:prepare'.


This should be a lisp form to evaluate after loading the
package. Intended for use from recipes. This function is
registered for `eval-after-load' against the recipe library
by `el-get-init' once the :load and :features have been
setup. Like `:prepare', it will be run with
`default-directory' set to the package directory.


This exactly like the `:post-init' property, but is reserved
for user customizations in `el-get-sources'. Recipe files
should not use this property. It will be run just after
`:post-init' and after any per-package user-init-file (see


Default to nil. Allows to override `el-get-is-lazy' per


Currently only used by both `http' and `ftp' supports, allows
to specify the target name of the downloaded file.

This option is useful if the package should be retrieved using
a presentation interface (such as as web SCM tool).

For example, destination should be set to \"package.el\" if
the package url has the following scheme:



The website of the project.


A short description of the project.


Some methods in el-get download files that are not so
trusted (e.g. anyone is allowed to modify emacswiki anytime).
For these cases you can set up a checksum value for a
package, so you will notice if el-get tries to install a
version that you haven't seen before. The installation will
simply fail and you will see the good and bad checksum values
in `*Messages*'. To get the checksum value for a package
initially, install the package while `el-get-verbose' is on.

Checksum calculation is currently supported by these methods
with the following meaning:

* `http', `ftp' and `emacswiki' with the SHA1 of the downloaded file
* `git' in which it is an alias for `:checkout' (see below)


A git refspec (branch, tag, commit hash) that should be
checked out after cloning the git repository. If provided,
this overrides any value for the `:branch' property. Unlike
the `:branch' property, this can be any valid argument to
`git checkout', including a tag name or a commit hash. The
intended use of this property is to \"lock\" a repository at
a particular revision, regardless of what happens to the repo

Currently this property only has meaning for `git' type
recipes. Other VCS-based methods may implement support in the


If set to t in a git recipe, git-clone will be run with
`--depth 1', which will create a so-called shallow clone by
not downloading all the history of the repository. The
default is controlled by the variable
`el-get-git-shallow-clone', which is nil by default.


If set to nil in a git recipe, submodules will not be updated.

  :group 'el-get
     :tag "Entry"
     :value (:name "")
     (el-get-symbol :tag "Name of EL-Get Package")
      :tag "Full Recipe (or Recipe Override)"
      (group :inline t :tag "EL-Get Package Name" :format "%t: %v"
             (const :format "" :name) (el-get-symbol :format "%v"))
       :inline t :format "%v\n"
        :inline t (const :format "" :depends)
         :tag "Names of packages on which this one depends" el-get-symbol))
        :inline t :format "%t: %v%h"
        :tag "Underlying Package Name"
        :doc "When there is an underlying package manager (e.g. `apt')
this is the name to fetch in that system"
        (const :format "" :pkgname) (string :format "%v"))

        :inline t :tag "Type" :format "%t: %v%h"
        :doc "(If omitted, this recipe provides overrides for one in recipes/)"
        (const :format "" :type)
        ,(append '(choice :value emacswiki :format "%[Value Menu%] %v"
                 ;; A sorted list of method names
                   (lambda (r e)
                     (if (symbolp e)
                          (list 'const
                                (intern (substring (el-get-print-to-string e) 1)))
                   :initial-value nil)
                  (lambda (x y)
                    (string< (el-get-print-to-string (cadr x))
                             (el-get-print-to-string (cadr y)))))))

       (group :inline t :format "Source URL: %v"
              (const :format "" :url) (string :format "%v"))
       (group :inline t :format "Package Website: %v"
              (const :format "" :website) (string :format "%v"))
       (group :inline t :format "Description: %v"
              (const :format "" :description) (string :format "%v"))
       (group :inline t :format "General Build Recipe\n%v"
              (const :format "" :build) ,el-get-build-recipe-body)
       (group :inline t (const :format "" :load-path)
               :tag "Subdirectories to add to load-path" directory))
       (group :inline t (const :format "" :compile)
               :tag "File/directory regexps to compile" regexp))
       (group :inline t :format "%v" (const :format "" :info)
              (string :tag "Path to .info file or to its directory"))
       (group :inline t (const :format "" :load)
              (el-get-repeat :tag "Relative paths to force-load" string))
       (group :inline t :format "%v" (const :format "" :features)
              (repeat :tag "Features to `require'" el-get-symbol))
       (group :inline t :format "Autoloads: %v" :value (:autoloads t)
              (const :format "" :autoloads)
               :tag "Type"
               (boolean :format "generation %[Toggle%] %v\n")
                :tag "Relative paths to force-load" string)))
       (group :inline t :format "Options (`http-tar' and `cvs' only): %v"
              (const :format "" :options) (string :format "%v"))
       (group :inline t :format "CVS Module: %v"
              (const :format "" :module)
              (string :format "%v"))
       (group :inline t :format "`Prepare' Function: %v"
              (const :format "" :prepare) (function :format "%v"))
       (group :inline t :format "`Post-Init' Function: %v"
              (const :format "" :post-init) (function :format "%v"))
       (group :inline t
              :format "Name of downloaded file (`http' and `ftp' only): %v"
              (const :format "" :localname) (string :format "%v"))
       (group :inline t :format "Lazy: %v" :value (:lazy t)
              (const :format "" :lazy) (boolean :format "%[Toggle%] %v\n"))
       (group :inline t
              :format "Repository specification (`elpa' only): %v"
              (const :format "" :repo)
              (cons :format "\n%v"
                    (string :tag "Name")
                    (string :tag "URL")))
       (group :inline t
              :format "`Before' Function (`Prepare' recommended instead): %v"
              (const :format "" :before) (function :format "%v"))
       (group :inline t
              :format "`After' Function (`Post-Init' recommended instead): %v"
              (const :format "" :after) (function :format "%v"))
       ;; TODO: `:checksum', `:checkout', `:shallow'
       :inline t :tag "System-Specific Build Recipes"
       (group :inline t
              (symbol :value ,(concat ":build/"
                                      (el-get-print-to-string system-type))
                      :format "Build Tag: %v%h"
                      :doc "Must be of the form `:build/<system-type>',
where `<system-type>' is the value of `system-type' on
platforms where this recipe should apply"

(provide 'el-get-custom)
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