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1da177e Linux-2.6.12-rc2
Linus Torvalds authored
1 Debugging Modules after 2.6.3
2 -----------------------------
4 In almost all distributions, the kernel asks for modules which don't
5 exist, such as "net-pf-10" or whatever. Changing "modprobe -q" to
6 "succeed" in this case is hacky and breaks some setups, and also we
7 want to know if it failed for the fallback code for old aliases in
8 fs/char_dev.c, for example.
10 In the past a debugging message which would fill people's logs was
11 emitted. This debugging message has been removed. The correct way
12 of debugging module problems is something like this:
14 echo '#! /bin/sh' > /tmp/modprobe
15 echo 'echo "$@" >> /tmp/modprobe.log' >> /tmp/modprobe
16 echo 'exec /sbin/modprobe "$@"' >> /tmp/modprobe
17 chmod a+x /tmp/modprobe
18 echo /tmp/modprobe > /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe
0cadfc0 Robert P. J. Day Documentation: Clarify when module debugging actually works.
rpjday authored
20 Note that the above applies only when the *kernel* is requesting
21 that the module be loaded -- it won't have any effect if that module
22 is being loaded explicitly using "modprobe" from userspace.
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