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Ending Professional Nap-Time

How to Give Presentations That Aren't Horrible and Boring

If you've ever nodded off during a conference talk or presentation at work, it's understandable that the thought of actually giving a talk is daunting: how can we avoid the traps that make most presentations so mind-numbingly dry?

Is it possible to hold the CEO's attention, even when you're talking about the nerdier details of implementation? How can you keep developers riveted, even when you're talking about team-building or upcoming benefits changes?

Giving great presentations isn't about having exciting topics — it's about having the right story. In this talk, Jason Lengstorf will share his strategies — gained by watching, reading, writing, and giving hundreds of presentations — to give you a simple, practical, and foolproof framework for putting together engaging stories — which become engaging presentations — no matter how dry or dense the subject matter might be.