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Progressive Web Apps: Show Up for Offline First, but Stay for the Killer Performance Boost

There is a big push for Offline First development, with a new buzzword — "Progressive Web App", or PWA — making the rounds for the last year or two. But a lot of what’s being said sounds like the coding equivalent of "eat your vegetables!".

What is in it for ME? Quite a bit, it turns out.

In this talk, Jason Lengstorf will share the surprising ways that online apps will see huge benefits when they’re built to support offline users. Learn how to add blazing speed gains to existing sites with just a few simple changes — and how you can easily add Offline First support to your apps with just a few lines of code.

Learn how going Offline First will improve the connected experience, including:

  • better performance
  • increased stability and reliability
  • improved user experience
  • and more!

So in addition to eating your vegetables — you know, making your web apps usable for people with slow and unreliable connections and whatnot — you will ALSO see your apps perform even better for connected users. All with minimal effort required.