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The Future Is Fast

Dynamic Apps, Static Files, Unreal Performance

When we have to deliver a rich app experience AND killer performance, what can we do? Servers are expensive, slow, and hard to scale. Static sites are easy to deploy and maintain, but are they flexible enough? In this talk, learn how to get incredible performance AND flexibility from static sites.

Full Abstract

Over 50% of people will abandon a mobile site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Unless you’re willing to give up half of your potential customers, performance is no longer optional on the modern web. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools available to help you build screaming fast websites. Unfortunately, there’s a frighteningly large number of performance considerations, and many of them are really easy to get wrong.

In this talk, you’ll learn actionable, battle-tested strategies for building high-performance websites without sacrificing any of the functionality or flexibility you need to deliver an excellent experience to your users, including how to:

  • Improve critical performance measures like time-to-first-byte and time-to-interactive
  • Decrease the amount of work the browser needs to do to render your site
  • Implement the PRPL pattern for screaming fast load times
  • Further improve the experience for returning visitors with Progressive Web App techniques
  • And much more

In addition to learning about how these techniques work, you’ll also learn how to leverage existing tools to instantly add the collected performance knowledge of the open source community to your apps for free — without needing to become a performance expert yourself.

Thoughts, Notes, Ideas

What’s the problem that this talk is addressing?

Performance is absolutely critical for modern web app development. Even a few hundred milliseconds can translate into millions of dollars in lost revenue. And with the world shifting more and more to mobile-first experiences, performance is more important than ever: how can we get our content to people's phones in just a second or two, even over slow networks?

How does this talk help solve the problem?

This talk will cover key performance metrics, why they matter, and how to improve them. This includes time-to-first-bite (TTFB), perceptual speed index, and time-to-interactive (TTI).

Improvement strategies will include adding a global CDN, optimizing for the critical rendering path, code splitting, the PRPL pattern, inlining resources, and more.

We'll talk about how this actually works — and there's a lot to this — and then we'll look at solutions that just make it happen so you can focus on building a great product or website, not researching and tweaking your site’s performance.