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Robust Julia version management for development and production.
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jlenv: Simple Julia Version Management

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Use jlenv to pick a Julia version for your application and guarantee that your development environment matches production.

Further documentation is here.

Further documentation is here.

Powerful in development. Specify your app's Julia version once, in a single file. Keep all your teammates on the same page. No headaches running apps on different versions of Julia. Just Works™ from the command line and with app servers like Pow. Override the Julia version anytime: just set an environment variable.

Rock-solid in production. Your application's executables are its interface with ops. The Julia version dependency lives in one place—your app—so upgrades and rollbacks are atomic, even when you switch versions.

One thing well. jlenv is concerned solely with switching Julia versions. It's simple and predictable. A rich plugin ecosystem lets you tailor it to suit your needs. Compile your own Julia versions, or use the julia-build plugin to automate the process. See more plugins in the documentation.

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