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Safely sets Julia global and per-project environment variables.
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jlenv-vars: Print environment variables for current working directory

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This is a plugin for jlenv that lets you print global and project-specific environment variables before spawning Julia processes.
The print order is the order they are set. The output format is a script that may be passed to eval in a Bourne compatible shell.


Make sure you have the latest version of jlenv, then run:

git clone $(jlenv root)/plugins/jlenv-vars


Use jlenv vars command to print all environment variables in the order they will be set.

  1. ~/.jlenv/vars
  2. .jlenv-vars from parent folders
  3. .jlenv-vars from current folder


jlenv help vars

Julia environment variables are documented.

Define environment variables in an .jlenv-vars file in your project, one variable per line, in the format VAR=value. For example:


You can perform variable substitution with the traditional $ syntax. For example, to append to GEM_PATH:


You may also have conditional variable assignments, such that a variable will only be set if it is not already defined or is blank:


In the above case, JULIA_LLVM_ARGS will only be set if $JULIA_LLVM_ARGS is currently empty (i.e., if [ -z "$JULIA_LLVM_ARGS" ] is true).

Spaces are allowed in values; quoting is not necessary. Expansion and command substitution are not allowed. Lines beginning with # or any lines not in the format VAR=value will be ignored.

Variables specified in the ~/.jlenv/vars file will be set first. Then variables specified in .jlenv-vars files in any parent directories of the current directory will be set. Variables from the .jlenv-vars file in the current directory are set last.

Use the jlenv vars command to print all environment variables in the order they will be set.

Version History

  • 1.0.0
    • Initial public release for Julia.


Released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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