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Installs Julia. An alternative to julia-build.
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Installs Ruby, JRuby, Rubinius, TruffleRuby or mruby.


  • Supports installing arbitrary versions.
  • Supports downloading the latest versions and checksums from ruby-versions.
  • Supports installing into /opt/rubies/ for root and ~/.rubies/ for users by default.
  • Supports installing into arbitrary directories.
  • Supports downloading from arbitrary URLs.
  • Supports downloading from mirrors.
  • Supports downloading/applying patches.
  • Supports specifying arbitrary ./configure options.
  • Supports downloading archives using wget or curl.
  • Supports verifying downloaded archives using md5sum, md5 or openssl md5.
  • Supports installing build dependencies via the package manager:
  • Has tests.


  • Does not require updating every time a new Ruby version comes out.
  • Does not require recipes for each individual Ruby version or configuration.
  • Does not support installing trunk/HEAD.


  • bash >= 3.x
  • wget > 1.12 or curl
  • md5sum, md5 or openssl md5.
  • tar
  • bzip2
  • patch (if --patch is specified)
  • gcc >= 4.2 or clang


List supported Rubies and their major versions:

$ ruby-install

List the latest versions:

$ ruby-install --latest

Install the current stable version of Ruby:

$ ruby-install ruby

Install the latest version of Ruby:

$ ruby-install --latest ruby

Install a stable version of Ruby:

$ ruby-install ruby 2.3

Install a specific version of Ruby:

$ ruby-install ruby 2.2.4

Install a Ruby into a specific directory:

$ ruby-install --install-dir /path/to/dir ruby

Install a Ruby into a specific rubies directory:

$ ruby-install --rubies-dir /path/to/rubies/ ruby

Install a Ruby into /usr/local:

$ ruby-install --system ruby 2.4.0

Install a Ruby from an official site with directly download:

$ ruby-install -M ruby 2.4.0

Install a Ruby from a mirror:

$ ruby-install -M ruby 2.0.0-p645

Install a Ruby with a specific patch:

$ ruby-install -p ruby 1.9.3-p551

Install a Ruby with a specific C compiler:

$ ruby-install ruby 2.4.0 -- CC=gcc-4.9

Install a Ruby with specific configuration:

$ ruby-install ruby 2.4.0 -- --enable-shared --enable-dtrace CFLAGS="-O3"

Install a Ruby without installing dependencies first:

$ ruby-install --no-install-deps ruby 2.4.0

Uninstall a Ruby version:

$ rm -rf ~/.rubies/ruby-2.4.0


Using ruby-install with RVM:

$ ruby-install --rubies-dir ~/.rvm/rubies ruby 2.4.0

Using ruby-install with rbenv:

$ ruby-install --install-dir ~/.rbenv/versions/2.4.0 ruby 2.4.0

ruby-install can even be used with Chef.


wget -O ruby-install-0.7.0.tar.gz
tar -xzvf ruby-install-0.7.0.tar.gz
cd ruby-install-0.7.0/
sudo make install


All releases are PGP signed for security. Instructions on how to import my PGP key can be found on my blog. To verify that a release was not tampered with:

gpg --verify ruby-install-0.7.0.tar.gz.asc ruby-install-0.7.0.tar.gz


ruby-install can also be installed with homebrew:

brew install ruby-install

Or the absolute latest ruby-install can be installed from source:

brew install ruby-install --HEAD

Arch Linux

ruby-install is already included in the AUR:

yaourt -S ruby-install

Fedora Linux

ruby-install is available on Fedora Copr.


There is a FreeBSD port of ruby-install which can be copied into the local ports tree.

Known Issues


Rubies older than 1.9.3-p429 will not compile with Clang and require GCC >= 4.2. Normally, Linux and BSD systems will already have GCC installed. OS X users can install GCC via homebrew:

brew tap homebrew/versions
brew install gcc49

And run ruby-install again:

ruby-install ruby 2.4.0 -- CC=gcc-4.9


Rubinius 1.x and 2.0.x is not supported due to multiple bugs. Instead, please use Rubinius >= 2.1.x.



I like the approach you're taking. Curious to see how it plays out.

-- Sam Stephenson of rbenv

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