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Tortoise Redmine Plugin

Important Note

This project was moved to GitHub from google code (

For now to download the installer please do so from downloads folder in the project source.


TurtleMine provides a plugin for Tortoise SVN/GIT/Hg for Redmine issue tracking.

Once this plugin is installed and configured you will have a new button in your TortoiseSVN/GIT/Hg commit window that will give you direct access to a list of Redmine issues that you can select to include in your commit message.

Additional features can be found in some of the sites wiki pages (see the wiki folder in the project source).

Current Versions

Product Version Release Date
TurtleMine - 32bit March 3 2012
TurtleMine - 64bit March 3 2012

Note from the developer

The next release (unless there is a need for a bug fix release) will be version and will contain a separate UI to assist in configuration and provide more options and lots of new features. Thanks for your patience.


Getting Started with the Tortoise Redmine Issues Plugin (TurtleMine)

To get started download the installer from the downloads folder in the project source.

Installation and setup instructions can be found in the wiki folder : InstallAndSetupSvn and InstallAndSetupGit.

Information about setting up BugTraq for your repository can be found here : BugTraqConfiguration.

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