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Musings about the cross K function

I wrote a blog post about some explorations on the cross K function and came up with an interactive visualization made by D3.js. These are the materials to reproduce those steps.

Visit the blog post here.

If you find these materials useful and looking for an research paper that uses the cross K function to cite, you might want to consider the following paper:

Juhász, Levente, and Hartwig H. Hochmair. 2017. "Where to catch ‘em all? – a geographic analysis of Pokémon Go locations." Geo-spatial Information Science:1-11. doi: 10.1080/10095020.2017.1368200. [RG]

Content of this repo:

  • calc_crossk.R - R script to compute the cross K-function with spatstat and to relabel points with Monte Carlo simulation
  • index.html - Interactive tool to illustrate how the function changes with the point pattern (made with D3.js)
  • data.json - Array of json objects for D3.js (point coordinates)
  • data.csv - Data file containing individual points in the examples
  • crossk_out.csv - Results of the cross K computation and the simulation