A basic symposium registration and management system written for the Web2Py framework. This system allows participants to submit papers to an upcoming symposium and the symposium manager to review, approve, and schedule the paper's presentation.
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* User Accounts
  * Email Verification
  * Profiles
* Symposium Management
  * Registration period
  * Event Date
  * Papers registered to each symposium
  * Scheduling Agenda
* Papers
  * Authors
  * Mentors
  * Title
  * Description
  * File
  * Review Process

Download a copy of the symposium registration system and
paste into the application directory of web2py.

Navigate to the site in your browser and create an account.

The first account will be given full admin and reviewer
rights.  The site will be bare as you will need to add a
symposium as well as edit some of the pages using the wiki
plugin supplied in the admin panel.

* Admin creates symposium
* Users create account
* Users submit a paper (3 steps)
  * Fill out the paper submission form (press save and continue)
  * Register any author and mentor that does not have an account
  * Click Submit for approval
* An admin with review permissions needs to review the paper and
  either accept or return it for further revision
* Once the paper has been approved, it will be posted live on the
  public website
* Scheduling
  * To Schedule, simply open the schedule manager and drag papers
    to the correct place.
  * To add/remove/rename rooms, edit the symposium settings.  Rooms
    may be safely added and renamed, column order is preserved.
    Papers are locked to the column and not the room itself.  So if
    you remove or rename a room, the papers will say in the column.
    If a paper is scheduled in the last room and then the room was
    removed the paper will default to the unscheduled state until
    rescheduled or a new room is added.