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  • The code for the web-application can be found in php/
  • data.sql is a MySQL-database including the List, Publication and additional Person and Place

Database Schema


Data from

  • row (1 based to connect the entry to the original JSON-entry)
  • entry (the original entry for reference)

The following fields are taken verbatim from the original list

  • title
  • ssFlag
  • ...

Enhanced with additional information

  • completeWork (1: Gesamtwerk, 2: Teile des Gesamtwerkes)

and temporary properties until Publication.gnd and Person.gnd are set properly

  • titleGnd VARCHAR(511) NULL,
  • authorGnd VARCHAR(511) NULL,
  • authorGnd2 VARCHAR(511) NULL,


Data about the publications, property-names from the GND-Linked Data Representation and Bibo-properties (

  • title
  • otherTitleInformation (Untertitel)
  • placeOfPublication
  • publisher
  • publisherId
  • publicationStatement # Place : Publisher
  • extent (see, isbd:P105316 S.</isbd:P1053>)
  • isPartOf (e.g. Arbeiter-Gesundheits-Bibliothek)
  • bibliographicCitation (e.g. Arbeiter-Gesundheits-Bibliothek ; H. 11)
  • issued
  • parentId (to related different editions of a Publication, e.g. re-editions or translations of the original work on the List)
  • listRow (reference to List.row)
  • listEdition (marker to indicate if this is the entry specified in firstEdition* or secondEdition* properties)

Norm-data identifiers

  • gnd
  • oclc


  • forename
  • surname
  • preferredName (Nachname, Vorname; z.B. Wolf, Victoria)
  • variantNames (Wolf, Victoria Trude; Wolf, Victoria T.; Wolf, Viktoria; Wolff, Victoria; Wolff, Viktoria);
  • gender (female, male)
  • listRow (reference to List.row)
  • gnd
  • viaf


  • publication_id
  • person_id
  • role ENUM ('aut', 'edt', 'trl'), see
  • person_ord INT NOT NULL 0 # for ordering multiple Person
  • publication_ord INT NULL # for ordeirng multiple Publication per Person by issued-date

Third party API


Schädlich und unerwünschten Schrifttums Hackathon



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