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The Last Stand

The Last Stand is a multiplayer post-apocalyptic zombie survival game where players build and defend a camp in a large open world.

Day Night Cycle

Build your camp during the day but make sure you get your defenses up before nightfall! The undead spawn around your camp in vast numbers at night and each night introduces a new Elite undead type to contend with.

Build Anywhere!

Build solo or with your friends - with no pre-defined building locations you can set up your camp anywhere! Not sure where to build? Use the "-bases" chat command to show recommend spots identified as Green, Yellow and Red spots on the minimap. Green spots are easy to defend solo with only 1 entrance, Yellow spots are hard to defend solo with 2-3 entrances. Red spots are very hard with 4+ entrances to defend and will require working with a friend. With the Builder job a Survivor can cut down trees to expand your camp. Get creative with your bases!

Survivor Jobs

Assign Survivors jobs to give them new skills and abilities. Give a Survivor the Builders Tools to assign them the Builder job unlocking more advanced buildings in the tech tree. Or, give a Survivor the Rusty Sword item to assign them the Militia job to give them an attack to help defend your camp. There are additional jobs: Spearmen, Marksmen, Medics and even more jobs being added in the future.

Explore and Loot

Send your hero out to explore the map while your soldiers defend the camp. Loot abandoned buildings, mines, piles of junk, etc to find more resources, exciting items, more Survivors or, if you're unlucky, the undead! Bring items back to your camp to beef up your soldiers.

How to Play

  1. Start by looking for a place to build your camp that has few entrances to defend. The more entrances you need to defend the harder the game will be. It might not be possible for you to defend a large area with 4 entrances without working together with a friend.
  2. Your hero starts with a Shelter Tent item in his inventory. Constructing a Shelter provides your camp with room for 1 Survivor. When you place your shelter you will see that a new Survivor will spawn nearby and walk to you. Place that when you are ready to start building your camp.
  3. Your new Survivor is jobless and can only do basic tasks around your camp. He can punch trees to get lumber, build basic structures and repair structures. The most important structure he can build is your Camp Tent; the headquarters for your camp. Have him build one asap.
  4. Now it's important to get more Survivors so that you can get more lumber. Your Camp Tent building provides 4 food for your camp. Each Shelter takes 1 food and (again) makes room for 1 additional Survivor. So, have your Survivor build 3 more Shelters.
  5. After getting your 3 new Survivors get them harvesting lumber quickly. This is a good time to send your hero out to loot buildings for additional lumber, rare gold and items. Simply right-click on buildings owned by the Villagers player to loot them.
  6. Once you have enough lumber have a Survivor build some Barricades or Walls. It is recommended to leave a small opening in one entrance to your base while completely closing off the others. This funnels the zombies into a small gap that you can heavily defend.
  7. Build Spikes outside of your walls to damage the undead as they attempt to make their way into your camp and have your hero pick off any that make it through.
  8. Have your Survivors build a Workshop. The Workshop unlocks many items in the tech tree and can build Builders Tools. The Builders Tools is an item that you can give to a Survivor to assign them the Builder job. When as Survivor is assigned a job they change into a different unit with new abilities. The Builder can build an entirely new set of buildings. Build the Builder's Tools and give them to a Survivor.
  9. Have the Builder build an Armory. The Armory can construct the Rusty Sword job item. Give the Rusty Sword to a Survivor to assign them the Militia job. The Militia are ranged units that can attack undead from a decent range but they cannot attack air.
  10. Eventually, night will begin and the undead will start pouring in. Survive until 6am and you will have made it through the night. Undead are damaged over time during the day so once the sun comes up you'll be in the clear.
  11. During the day send your hero out to loot more buildings since all buildings are now lootable once again.
  12. Repeat this process for as long as you can!