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A Map of Everywhere My Family Has Ever Been
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Travel Map


You can see the live version at and read the teardown of the technology this uses in A Map of Everywhere My Family Has Ever Been.

Running Locally

You can run this locally by cloning the repository then running:

npm install -g brunch
npm install
brunch w -s

Then point your browser at http://localhost:3333


To load this up with your own data, edit app/data.js. You'll probably also want to clear out the checked-in geocoding caches:

echo '{}' > app/assets/geocode_cache.json
echo '{}' > app/assets/reverse_geocode_cache.json


Once you're happy with the result and want to deploy, you'll need to save your geocoding and reverse geocoding caches as JSON. You can do this by running the following in the console:


This should download a new geocode_cache.json and reverse_geocode_cache.json file to disk (Chrome might prompt to ask if you want to allow the site to download multiple files).

Then move the downloaded caches back into the repo:

cp ~/Download/geocode_cache.json ~/Download/reverse_geocode_cache.json app/assets

To build the final static site, run brunch build, then upload the contents of the public folder to your favourite static host.

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