Configuration Properties

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There are a handful of properties which control JLine behavior. Properties can be be configured via standard system properties or from the JLine configuration file.

  • jline.configuration - Specifies the location of the jline configuration file. This is only honored when set as a system property (e.g. with the -D flag to the JVM), and defaults to $HOME/.jline.rc if not specified.
  • jline.terminal - Specifies your terminal type. Details may be found in Terminal Factory Configuration
  • jline.shutdownhook - This boolean (true/false) setting controls whether or not JLine installs its JVM shutdown hook. The shutdown hook is responsible for restoring the terminal to its original state when the program exits. The default is "true", enabling the shutdown hook.
  • jline.nobell - Disables chiming of the terminal bell when an invalid key is pressed.
  • jline.esc.timeout - When the ESC key is struck, JLine attempts to determine if the key was explicitly struck by the user or is part of a terminal control sequence by waiting for a little while to see if another key arrives. If none does, then it assumes it is a literal escape. This setting specifies how long JLine should wait for input (in milliseconds) before deciding it was a literal escape. The default is 150ms. Setting this to 0 causes JLine to wait indefinitely until another key arrives before making the determination.
  • jline.inputrc - Overrides the default location of $HOME/.inputrc.
  • jline.completion.threshold

Windows Specific

  • jline.WindowsTerminal.ansi
  • jline.WindowsTerminal.directConsole

Unix Specific

  • jline.stty - On unix platforms, the stty program is run to determine and configure various properties of the terminal. This setting allows you to specify an alternate location for this program. Note that the program must provide POSIX compliant stty behavior.
  • - For certain actions, JLine must execute external programs, this setting specifies the name of the shell that is used for executing these programs (default is "sh").


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