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Parse4SJM is a library to allow the creation of parsers and grammars on the fly, i.e. without going through a distinct code generation step.

This is a continuation of Steve John Metskers parser library from his book Building Parsers with Java which was originally published in 2001 but is still in print. If you need detailed documentation about the library and its classes, get a copy of the book. In order to honor Steve, who passed away in 2008, I called the modernized version Parse4SJM.

The original library, all examples from his book and the related Java doc can be found on http://oozinoz.xp123.com/bpwj.htm. More about Steve’s work can also be found there.

My changes to the library are mostly in adapting it to Java 6, changing the package structure and adding (a few) unit tests. Moreover I added an additional layer to make creation and usage of whole grammars easier in Java and Groovy. You can download the runtime library, sources, unit tests, examples and change log from here.

I continue to use Steve’s licence terms which basically say: Do whatever you want with it but don’t hold anyone – especially neither Steve nor me – accountable for the outcomes.

Please send feedback to parse4sjm@johanneslink.net