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jqwik Contributor Agreement

  • You have authored 100% of the contents of your contribution.
  • You have the necessary rights for all your contributions. As an employee you have attained the necessary permissions from your employer to contribute.
  • Your contribution will be provided under the project's license.

Project License

jqwik currently uses the Eclipse Public License v2.0.

Pull Requests

Please add the following lines to your pull request description:


I hereby agree to the terms of the jqwik Contributor Agreement.

Coding Conventions

_Not formulated yet but nevertheless strictly enforced.

Using jqwik-intellij-codeformatting.xml will simplify your life when formatting jqwik code.


Use only wildcard imports.


Use jqwik itself for all tests and properties.

Use AssertJ for non trivial assertions.

Use @ForAll Random random parameter if you need a random value.