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Appium Book

This is the public repository for my forthcoming Appium book, tentatively titled Appium: Mobile Automation Made Awesome. I'm writing/developing the book here on GitHub so that anyone can read it, track its progress, clone the repo, and create their own PDF versions of the book for their own personal use.

The Story

Appium is an open-source project, and so I felt the first major book about Appium should be written in the open. I'm accepting pull requests for fixes or suggested modifications to the book, and the authors of the pull requests I merge will be listed as contributors to the book in the final version. (I am retaining copyright for the book, and contributors will be asked to sign a CLA to that effect).

The source for the book will always be here, so that anyone can build the book for themselves. However, distribution of the compiled PDF, or of modified source for the book, is prohibited without written permission from me. I will release a free version of the PDF for the first revision of the book as a gift to the Appium community. Hard-copy versions and updated revisions of the book will be available for purchase (details TBD).

The Content

Check out the outline to see the work-in-progress plan for what kinds of information the book will include.

Building the book

Here are the instructions for turning the source into a PDF you can read.

System/Project Setup

  1. Install a TeX Live distribution of some kind, e.g.:
    brew cask install mactex
  2. Get a Python virtualenv or use your system env, and install deps:
    pip install -r lib/requirements.txt

Build Instructions

  1. Run make
  2. Look inside the build/ directory for book.pdf