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A PHP framework for the Sauce Labs REST API


Use Packagist. The package name is Sauce/Sausage An example composer.json would look like:

    "require": {
        "Sauce/Sausage": ">=0.1.0"



$s = new Sauce\Sausage\Sausage('myusername', 'myapikey');

$my_details = $s->getAccountDetails();

$most_recent_test = $s->getJobs(0)['jobs'][0];
$s->updateJob($most_recent_test['id'], array('passed' => true));

$browser_list = $s->getAllBrowsers();
foreach ($browser_list as $browser)
    echo "${browser['long_name']} ${browser['short_version']}

See Sauce/Sausage/API.php for the list of Sauce API functions (currently boasting 100% support). Also check out test.php for other examples.


Send in all the pull requests!

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