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@@ -96,11 +96,11 @@ Running tests in parallel
Running Selenium tests one at a time is like eating one cookie at a time. Let's
do it all at once! Try this:
- vendor/bin/paratest -processes 2 --path vendor/sauce/sausage/WebDriverDemo.php --functional
+ vendor/bin/paratest -processes=2 --path=vendor/sauce/sausage/WebDriverDemo.php --functional
(Or for Windows):
- vendor\bin\paratest.bat --processes 2 --path vendor\sauce\sausage\WebDriverDemo.php --functional
+ vendor\bin\paratest.bat --processes=2 --path=vendor\sauce\sausage\WebDriverDemo.php --functional
Now they'll finish twice as fast! (And if you get a [Sauce Labs
account](, you can

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