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Dockerfiles for Centos and R
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R Docker Centos


This repository contains a set of alternative Dockerfiles for slightly different than what is found at rocker. In particular, this includes images based on Centos 6 and 7; images based on OpenSUSE and Clear Linux are also in development.

How to Use


Centos EPEL Dockerfiles use the current version of R found in EPEL, therefore no versioning is performed. You may be able to get older versions of R by setting the from line in the docker file to an older Centos version (this has not been tested). Centos EPEL is not compiled with R-SHLIB's, but is compiled with OpenBLAS. Therfore, it is not possible to exchange BLAS versions.


Centos MRO Dockerfiles can use any MRO version >= 3.3.1. Earlier of MRO are not supported due to changes in the installation script. In addition only Centos 7 is supported at this time due to issues with getopt on Centos 6.

To install a specific version of MRO use the following command:

docker build -t centos-7-mro --build-arg R_VER=3.4.0

The default version is set to 3.3.1.

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