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cmod3 module (.IT, .XM, .S3M, .MOD...) music player
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cmod3 is a module music player.

Download cmod3

Releases page on GitHub

Versions for Mac OSX x64, Windows x64, and Linux x64 available.

cmod3 cmod3

Don't you know what tracked music is? Look here.

cmod3 website:

Browse the Wiki for more information.


  • Play/Stop/Pause/Seek...
  • Drag and drop (folders and files)
  • Metadata for the current module
  • Repeat and shuffle modes
  • Classic VU meter
  • Keyboard shortcuts: OSX multimedia keys, play/pause, num 1-5
  • Nectarine Radio player built-in!
  • Browse and download from Modarchive!

How does cmod3 work?

cmod3 is entirely written in Javascript, works on node-webkit (nwjs) and uses libopenmpt compiled with emscripten plus closure-compiler. The user interface is based on bootstrap and angular is the framework of choice. Despite all that, and after some hard work, it performs really well.

Things yet to do

  • Settings are not being saved yet.
  • Keyboard shortcuts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and mediakeys).
  • Volume control using a GainNode.
  • Choose a Nectarine stream among a list of streams.
  • Adding an AnalyserNode could enable VU meter for nectarine.
  • More playlist features.
  • Can you draw? An nice app icon is needed.
  • Audio is being decoded on the main thread, which is not ideal, it should be done on a background worker/thread (not possible afaik, any idea? Audio Workers issue:
  • New ideas? Open an Issue.


27/10/2016: 2.2.1 - load and save playlists, bugfixes

07/10/2016: 2.1.1 - files are alphabetically loaded

12/03/2016: 2.1.0 - double click to play songs, just like regular players, other improvements

08/03/2016: 2.0.4 - minor improvements

07/03/2016: 2.0.3 - bugfixes with mediakeys

06/03/2016: 2.0.2 - mac icon fixed

04/03/2016: 2.0.1 - optimizations, metadata reading in webworker, glitch-free, bugfixes

08/10/2015: 1.8.0 - gain control

07/10/2015: 1.7.0 - nectarine and ui enhancements

06/10/2015: 1.6.0 - bugfixes and tons of enhancements

05/10/2015: 1.5.0 - modarchive support

24/09/2015: 1.1.0 - not released

25/05/2015: 1.0.0 - public release

17/04/2015: 0.0.5 - beta

## How to update cmod3 when a new version comes out

Download, extract, and replace.

Do you like it?

Contribute to the code via pull-requests and make this player better, or make a donation via paypal to, and as well.

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