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Ncdump output in json (and CDL)

Modified version of ncdump (netcdf 4.1.1)


$ ncdump-json -h -j tests/
{"dimensions":{"time":3169},"variables":{"time":{"type":"double","dimensions":["time"],"attributes":{"standard_name":"time","units":"seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00","long_name":"time","_FillValue":-99999.9000000000,"axis":"T","calendar":"gregorian"}},"AIRT":{"type":"double","dimensions":["time"],"attributes":{"standard_name":"air_temperature","units":"C","long_name":"air temperature","_FillValue":-99999.9000000000,"coordinates":"time","valid_min":-15.0000000000000,"valid_max":45.0000000000000,"original_units":"C","observation_type":"measured","precision":"0.01"}},"QC_AIRT":{"type":"byte","dimensions":["time"],"attributes":{"long_name":"quality flag for air_temperature","quality_control_convention":"SOCIB Quality control Data Protocol","valid_min":0,"valid_max":9,"_FillValue":10,"flag_values":[0,1,4,9],"flag_meanings":"no_qc_performed good_data bad_data
$ ncdump-json -v AIRT -j tests/

It behaves exactly like the original ncdump if you omit the command-line option -j


  • Download latest release from, unzip.
  • Install cmake and libnetcdf-dev
  • cd ncdump-json directory
  • $cmake .
  • $make (you might get some warnings, it is ok).
  • At this point, the binary ncdump-json is available.
  • #make install to place the binary in /usr/local/bin
  • You can run the tests included and add more: cd tests; ./

Problems? It works (it's tested) on both Linux and OSX. Read the Issues before asking.

A note from the developer:

I keep receiving emails and issues from users, those are welcome and I appreciate you all and always try to reply :) but this software is no longer actively being maintained because I left my former company Socib in 2012. If you rely on this program and need help, you're welcome to poke me through my company Atlantis of Code and we'll talk about it:

Josep Llodrà –

Special thanks to all who contributed to this software filling Issues or sending Pull Requests.