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[fix] build/ The stubs needs to be compiled wi…

…th -liconv.
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1 parent 62907d8 commit 2151ca5bc745af97fd11b04980e2051bc27b1301 @jlmess77 committed Jun 12, 2012
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@@ -551,8 +551,8 @@ let _ = dispatch begin function
if is_fbsd then
(* In the memory.c in FreeBSD part that uses kvm_getprocs() required
- link with -lkvm. *)
- flag ["use_stubs"; "link"] (S[A "-cclib";A "-lkvm"]);
+ link with -lkvm. The stubs needs to be compiled with -liconv too. *)
+ flag ["use_stubs"; "link"] (S[A "-cclib";A "-lkvm";A"-ccopt";A "-L/usr/local/lib";A "-cclib";A "-liconv"]);
(* Build with converters/libiconv port, which it installs in the
/usr/local by default *)
flag ["iconv"; "compile"] (S[A"-I";A "/usr/local/include"]);

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