A fast and small PHP library for communication between PHP and PHP or PHP and JS
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Creates globally valid JSON from PHP arrays which can be used
by any other library or JS. Will decode JSON string with the
native json_decode() if available.

The library is fast because it 'cheats' in 3 important ways:
 - takes advantage of PHP lazy type conversion
 - can only convert to PHP if the JSON was created by the library
 - only works on arrays (for now)

The JSON strings produced always have the following extra characters
encoded in \\uxxxx format (makes parsing to PHP easier and faster)
 - comma ,
 - square-brackets [ ]
 - curly-brackets { }

To Use:
require_once ('json_lite.php');

Convert PHP as JSON:
$json_str = json_lite::to_json($php_array);

Convert JSON as PHP:
$php_array = json_lite::from_json($json_str);

Note: The library is only able to convert JSON strings to PHP
      if the JSON string was originally created by the library.

Quick JSON-RPC Creation:
$rpc_str = json_lite::encode_json_rpc('my_method', array($param1, $param2));

Quick JSON-RPC Execution:
class my_rpc {
	function rpc_my_method($param1, $param2){
		return array('response'=>'Executed');

$class = new my_rpc;

$rpc_decoded = NULL;
$returned = json_lite::exec_json_prc($rpc_str, $class, 'rpc_', $rpc_decoded);

License: LGPL <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html>
Copyright: 2011 Jeremy Messenger