How to setup the GPS Ublox NEO 6M (Crius) CN 06 V2

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To re-program the Crius GPS CN-06 v2 from Crius (an Ublox NEO-6M chipset) you need:

  • a GPS Crius CN-06 v2 (RC timer),
  • a FTDI/USB TTL 5V (or 3V3) cable,
  • the programming software UCenter 7.02 (or better) from Ublox:

You need first check the FTDI parameter of your serial port comm:

  • Launch the U-Center software and for the first time set the comm speed to 9600 bauds
  • then connect the FTDI cable with the GPS attached
  • load the file CN06v2_def.txt at:

via the menu: Then upload the parameters file to the GPS via Files>>GPS Don't forget to save the parameters in the GPS memory: Now the GPS is set for working at 38400 Bauds, so don't forget to change the bauds rate... You may also program yourself manually the parameters, you will find the GPS setup below:

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