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Nightly Travels of a Witch. A collaborative effort from 2006 for the 72h Game-Dev Competition (now sadly defunct).

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Nightly Travels of a Witch
by Team Tortilla

What's this?

A game. It rules. A lot. Hah.

Why this?

At first survivor and qualle tried to lure flgr to Hannover so that we could have some fun-time but well, he never arrived so
we three had to participate in this contest ;)

System requirements!

Well your system will be qualified to run this game if it has no problems in opening this readme. Maybe. Just pray.

Unnecessary greetings and meaningless words from the team

Too bad we didn't have enough time for actually doing more levels and I *will* eventually make it to Hannover. Hah. Sooner or later. I hope. My team partners are teh rock. And greetings to the cool folks from #72hgdc as well. Next time we'll have to do better time management with less distractions and all that, but it was a lot of fun. :)
Oh, and there's GAMEPAD SUPPORT!

Last but not least the whole lot of coders and watchers in the #72hgdc chan on freenode .. see you next time .... bye.
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