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Gosu Documentation Overview

Under Construction

Under Construction (Ironic 'Under Construction' GIF)

This Wiki is in the process of being converted from Google Code's wiki format to Markdown. When it is finished, this home page shall be merged with the main README.txt in the project root.


Depending on your operating system, see GettingStartedOnOSX, GettingStartedOnWindows or GettingStartedOnLinux.


Consult either the RubyTutorial or the CppTutorial.

Translated Tutorials (Ruby)

Thai translation of the Tutorial

French mirror/translation of the old Google Code page, provided by Damien Gouteux

Polish translation by S. Wojnowski

Traditional Chinese translation by poga

Spanish translation by ladybenko

Another French introduction by Guigui


Ruby reference with live search, C++ reference generated by doxygen

Ruby Game Packaging

Since Ruby is not a compiled language, it may not be obvious how to release games written in it to the public. For instructions see either RubyPackagingOnOSX or RubyPackagingOnWindows.

Further Inspiration

There are many games you can take a look at in the Gosu Showcase board, and even more useful libraries to use with Gosu in the Extending Gosu board!

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