SWFSize is a small (really small) library for Adobe Flash technology that works in collaboration with SWFObject and provides control over the swf's container metrics.
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=== project ===
[home]	http://chargedweb.com/swfsize/
[git]	https://github.com/jloa/SWFSize
[packs]	http://sourceforge.net/projects/swfsize/

=== licence ===
CC 3.0 @ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

=== structure ===
[as3 docs]		./docs/
[as3 source]	./src/
[js source]		./lib/js/swfsize.js
[example]		./lib/index.html

=== note ===
If u have any suggestions, plz send them to me @ jloa[at]chargedweb.com / subj:swfsize
Much appreciated.

	- SWF_ID is now passed automatically [thx to Kalani aka kapaakea]
	- event broadcast removed from setSWFWidth(), setSWFHeight() methods [thx 2 Umano Teodori]
	- ie 6, 7 scroll bug fixed [thx to Reed Bertolette]
	- engine switched singleton -> class; now you can manage more than 1 embedded swf at a time! [thx David Aguilar for the suggestion]
	- improved performance
	- method setWidth() renamed to setSWFWidth()
	- method setHeight() renamed to setSWFHeight()
	- added setWidth() method
	- added setHeight() method
	- added getWidth() method
	- added getHeight() method
	- added getWindowWidth() method
	- added getWindowHeight() method
	- added getLeftX() method
	- added getRightX() method
	- added getTopY() method
	- added getBottomY() method
	- added setScrollX() method
	- added getScrollX() method
	- added setScrollY() method
	- added getScrollY() method