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+++ date = "2017-06-04T21:38:37+10:00" description = "This week we cover articles about the NYPD and their LARD cannon, Stanford University hosting malware on a WordPress website, more British Airways drama, destroying production databases and computer science degrees." shorttitle = "British Airways, Stanford University, NYPD & more" slug = 8 title = "Issue #8: British Airways, Stanford University, NYPD & more" tags = [ "wordpress", "standford", "british airways", "dan wang", "police", "nypd" ]


Apologies for the late issue! This is a short one due to having a busy week, still quite a few good articles!

British Airways IT engineer blamed for outage

With the fallout of British Airways' IT disaster last week, they have now apparently blamed it on a sole engineer. After trying to gag staff I'm unsure what to believe.

Stanford University WP sites hosts malware

I honestly don't get how this happens. WordPress as a product isn't that hard to protect and for a university to not notice that one of its subdomains was hosting malware for so long is shocking. (Source)

NYPD Claimed Its LRAD Sound Cannon Isn't A Weapon

I hate going after cops but I hadn't ever heard about this LARD cannon before this article, I'm interested in what people think of it. After watching the video I imagine it would have to be one of those things you can't really grasp until it happens to you. (Source)

Accidentally destroyed production database on first day of a job

Redditor /u/cscareerthrowaway567 managed to delete the production database on the first day of his job. I have to admit, I don't think this was his fault at all. Who the hell gives people production access in a document on their first day? GitLab's Yorick made a great comment about his experience doing the same thing.

Why do so few people major in computer science?

A lot of good maths and figures in this post although it is heavily based around US numbers.