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+++ date = "2017-07-23T08:17:31Z" description = "Another post on Serverless tools and massive SSDs. Are you a tab hoarder? We've got that covered as well with speed testing the latest version of Firefox." shorttitle = "CircleCI, 50TB SSD, Firefox tabs & more" slug = "15" title = "Issue #15: CircleCI, 50TB SSD, Firefox tabs & more" tags = [ "Serverless", "CircleCI", "Firefox", "Ethereum", "Cryptocurrency", "NBN", "Australia" ]


Serverless, NBN Co stats, 50TB SSDs and more for you to enjoy this week.

Hopefully no one was hit in the Ethereal hack!

Tool of the week - Serverless

Much like Apex, Serverless is a framework for building serverless applications on top of products like AWS' Lambda.


How CircleCI Processes 4.5 Million Builds Per Month

I'm seeing quite a few biggish projects get fed up with some of the qwirks or slow build times on TravisCI making the switch to CircleCI. This post goes into their infrastructure journey to 2.5 million builds per month.

Viking Ships UHC-Silo SSDs: 25 - 50 TB Capacity, Custom eMLC, SAS, $0.4 per GB

Never heard of Viking technology personally but 50TB SSDs is an amazing offering!

Hoarding tabs in Firefox

Are you a tab hoarder? Like having 100 tabs open in your browser just in case you need them later? Turns out having 1k tabs in the latest Firefox won't be a huge issue anymore.

NBN Co (AU) blames micronode problems on activation process

The current state of Australian internet is abysmal, hell we aren't even ranked in the top 50. To now find out that 99% of the nodes NBN Co has deployed aren't even in a useable state is atrocious.

Introduction to Ethereum

After 153k of Ethereum was stolen this week, now is as good a time as any to learn more about cryptocurrency in general!

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