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Thinkpad T440p Hackintosh (macOS 10.13.x and 10.14.x) - Clover config.plist + kexts
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Thinkpad T440P Hackintosh

T440p Hackintosh


Thinkpad T440p Hackintosh configuration. This repository contains the following folders:

  • EFI: put this in your EFI partition in EFI folder, including Boot and CLOVER sub-folders,
  • Kexts: kexts to install in /Library/Extensions or your local drive once macOS has been installed.

Tested on High Sierra 10.13.6 and Mojave 10.14.4.

It's a 99.99% working hackintosh, including:

  • Apfs and HFS disk partitions: using ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi and HFSPlus-64.efi respectively,
  • Power management, Temperature sensors: Thanks to FakeSMC, which also emulates macbook pro hardware,
  • Battery status: handled by ACPIBatteryManager kext,
  • Brightness control: Thanks to AppleBacklightFixup kext,
  • Audio on speakers: using AppleALC kext,
  • USB ports: custom made USBPorts.kext using Intel FBPatcher,
  • Graphical acceleration (QE/CI): thanks to WhatEverGreen kext and Intel FBPatcher.
  • Audio Jack connector,
  • And Display Port external display.


Bios Settings

The bios must be properly configured prior to installing MacOS.

In Security menu, set the following settings:

  • Security > Security Chip: must be Disabled,
  • Memory Protection > Execution Prevention: must be Enabled,
  • Virtualization > Intel Virtualization Technology: must be Disabled,
  • Internal Device Access > Bottom Cover Tamper Detection: must be Disabled,
  • Anti-Theft > Current Setting: must be Disabled,
  • Anti-Theft > Computrace > Current Setting: must be Disabled,
  • Secure Boot > Secure Boot: must be Disabled.

In Startup menu, set the following options:

  • UEFI/Legacy Boot: Both,
  • UEFI/Legacy Priority: UEFI First,
  • CSM Support: Yes.

Now you can go through the install.

Bootable USB Drive

The guide how to create a Mojave USB Installer Drive explains how to create a USB flash drive to install MacOs on your T440p.

Copy EFI Folder to USB

Copy the content of the EFI folder provided here on your USB flash drive EFI partition. The EFI partition is usually hidden. Use Clover Configurator to mount the EFI partition of your flash drive on your mac (it appears as a disk on the desktop once done).

Install macOS

Install macOS by booting on the USB key. It takes about 30min. The computer will restart multiple times. Make sure to select Install macOS ... each time. Once installed, choose to boot from local drive in Clover boot menu.

What's next?

To finish the setup, you need to:

  • Copy EFI folder from USB flash drive to local drive EFI partition (like you did for the USB drive). It will make the local drive bootable (so you can get ride of the USB drive now),
  • Install Kexts: install kernel extensions provided by Kexts from this repository into /Library/Extensions.

Once kexts copied, run in Terminal:

sudo kextcache -i /

You're almost done! Reboot and enjoy macOS on your Thinpad T440p.


Audio Jack

Thanks Tony's T440p Guide for help in getting this to work. By default, speaker audio should work, but audio via the headhpone jack does not.

Installing ALC Fix

  • Copy the .zip file called inside the foldr Audio to the desktop,
  • Open terminal and run:
cd Desktop/alc_fix
sudo su

The provided config.plist is already configured to use Audio layout 28.

Reboot after installation. If you hear a strong white noise when connecting to audio jack, disconnect and reconnect your hearphones.

SSD Enable Trim

If you Sata ssd hasn't trim enabled, run the following command from the Terminal to enable it:

sudo trimforce enable

Touchpad / Trackpoint Kext

The trackpoint / Touchpad driver used here is the one from tluck on Insanelymac.

Improving scrolling responsiveness

Turn off 'inertia' at system-pref/accessibility/mouse & trackpad/trackpad options.

Insstall Smart Scroll. under 'Scroll Wheel+' - Turn up 'Range for a single tick' to max. (this gives the appearance that scrolling becomes more sensitive) Then you can adjust the speed and inertia under the same tab.

Fix Stuttering

To solve the jittery mouse, increase the speed with BetterTouchTool to about '8'. The touchpad feels almost the same as on my MacBook now, but the scrolling is still slow and awful. I will solve it somehow!

Special thanks to Romeo Blues for these tweaks. Those definitely improve how the touchpad feels!

UltraBay HDD

When using HDD in Ultrabay (instead of optical drive): install AHCIPortInjector.kext and AppleAHCIPort.kext in /Library/Extensions.

AHCIPortInjector.kext fixes the Disk not initialized issue (disk cannot be read). AppleAHCIPort.kext fixes the disk being detected as an external drive (instead of internal).


For FHD (1920x1080) panels, I recommend to install One Key HiDPI.

High Sierra to Mojave Upgrade

Once the upgrade complete, make sure to rebuild the kext cache to fix brightness control issue, by running in Terminal:

sudo kextcache -i /

Then reboot.

iMessage / iCloud / FaceTime

Make sure to following this guide to configure iMessage, iCloud and Facetime properly.

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