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== Welcome to FeedChamp
FeedChamp is a light-weight RSS Feed Agregator programmed in Camping.
It's really just an experiment right now, but perhaps you will find
it useful.
== Installation
FeedChamp depends on the following gems:
If you have problems installing the sqlite3 gem see:
Once you have the dependencies installed copy feedchamp.rb into the
directory of your choice, create a configuration file, and start the
camping server:
camping -d feedchamp.db .
== Configuration
Configuration for FeedChamp is simple. Just create a YAML file in the
same directory that feedchamp.rb is installed and call it config.yml.
Here is a sample configuration file:
title: My Feed Planet
== Deployment
When you are ready to deploy FeedChamp see:
== License
FeedChamp is released under the MIT license and is copyright (c) 2006-
2009 John W. Long. A copy of the MIT license can be found in the